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Opinion poll from Mastercard on the introduction of cryptocurrency


The largest payment company on the market, Mastercard, conducted a survey, in which more than 15 thousand people from 18 countries of the world took part. When asked about the use of cryptocurrency, almost half of the respondents answered that they were going to invest in it.

The company is not the first to conduct research in the field of marketing, which concerns the study of ways to introduce and popularize cryptocurrency around the world. They showed encouraging results, since among the younger population, about 70% of people said that they are ready to start studying the issue, use technology in everyday life and want to learn more about digital currency. 75% of respondents agreed to use coins if they study the issue of their use in more detail.

Mastercard, together with major research company Harris Poll, conducted the survey in several regions: North and Latin America, as well as in Asia and Africa. The number of respondents varied from five hundred to a thousand people in each of the countries. The reporting documents do not indicate the reason why the polls were not conducted in Europe, so this factor still remains a mystery to many.
In addition, the press release does not contain a single mention of obstacles that could interfere with the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, such as exchange rate volatility. Also, among the main obstacles to the spread of coins may be the lack of incentive to spend virtual funds, when, according to forecasts, they should increase in price, changes in the tax legislation of the country. The United States is distinguished by high requirements for paying taxes, so even a part of the small amounts received from the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency must be deducted to the budget.

The executives of the Mastercard company note that today it is still necessary for people to explain the principle of the operation of coins, and it is also worth taking care of protecting the user from fraud and informing him of all regulatory requirements.
Interest in this area is not only academic, but also practical. For example, CoinDesk back in February became the first company to provide its customers with the ability to make purchases and transfer digital money.

Visa is a competitor to Mastercard and keeps up with its success. Its developers work with Ether and modern start-ups, which are aimed at introducing cryptocurrency into the everyday life of every person.

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