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Advanced Cash (ADVcash)


Advanced Cash has been operating in the financial market for over two decades. During this time, the management and employees of the company managed to create a universal online payment system. The service provides users with a huge number of services related to currency exchange, money withdrawal, payment for goods, etc.

Using the ADVcash system, you can quickly and profitably replenish your account or, conversely, withdraw money, wherever you are in the world. Money transfers in Advanced Cash are much cheaper than similar operations in ordinary banks. ADVcash payment cards make it possible to withdraw funds from electronic wallets and withdraw money from ATMs.

What is ADVcash service? One system combines electronic money and a payment platform. The companys clients convert currencies (electronic money exchange), withdraw them not only to a plastic ADVcash card, but also to cards of such popular worldwide payment systems as Visa, MasterCard.

The companys management is working to expand the service capabilities. New projects are being developed to create multifunctional applications for mobile computers (tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems). Applications will make the use of the service more comfortable.

Exchange operations in the Advanced Cash payment system

Advanced Cash is a convenient currency with high liquidity. Using exchange services, the client can replenish his account in the system in the most convenient and familiar way for him, withdraw funds or convert them into fiat (dollars, rubles, euros) currency or cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin).

To make an exchange, you need to complete an online application. To do this, you must fill out a form providing the required information.

The partners of the system are the most popular banks with the "Internet banking" service, for example, you can top up your account via the Internet (Sberbank on Advanced Cash).

Electronic wallet in Advanced Cash

Electronic wallets in the Advanced Cash payment system have a convenient interface. The wallet owner can view the history of financial transactions. This is necessary in order to take into account the consumption of funds stored in an electronic account.

The client can independently configure security by choosing the desired and convenient parameters. Transfers within the service are carried out free of charge, which makes the Advanced Cash electronic wallet not only convenient, but also cost-effective.

Money from the wallet to payment cards is credited instantly. One profile can store 4 types of currencies.

Advanced Cash payment cards and their benefits

What does the Advanced Cash bank payment card give? The cardholder gets the right to profitably pay for purchases in online stores, withdraw cash from an ATM, paying a small commission.

Among the advantages of the Advanced Cash bank card are the following:

low registration cost (to open a card, you need to pay only $ 7);
card service is free;
you can withdraw money in dollars at ATMs;
the commission for withdrawing funds is fixed - the main difference from other payment systems and banks (no matter what amount the client withdraws, he will pay $ 2 of a commission, not interest);
when paying for purchases and services through the terminal, users of the Advanced Cash system do not pay a commission;
you can withdraw up to 3 thousand dollars per day at ATMs, and up to 10 thousand at terminals;
the card is valid for three years.
You can replenish funds stored in accounts in Advanced Cash through any electronic exchanger: Perfect Money, Yandex Money, WebMoney, etc.

When paying with an Advanced Cash bank card for purchases in online stores, system clients do not pay a commission. This is especially beneficial and convenient for those people who prefer virtual points of sale.

Those who make money in electronic payment systems cannot do without Advanced Cash plastic cards. This is especially true for people who often have to travel abroad. Lets look at a standard scheme for withdrawing money from EPS.

Funds with EPS are exchanged for rubles and withdrawn to a bank account.
Cash is withdrawn from a bank card (in rubles).
Cash rubles are exchanged for cash in dollars at a real exchange office.
At each stage, you have to pay a commission + currency exchange rates in land-based exchangers are not very profitable.

With the Advanced Cash card, the scheme is simplified, accordingly, the commission fees are reduced.

Money from EPS is transferred to the Advanced Cash card.
Cash in dollars is withdrawn through ATMs in any country in the world.

How to register in the ADVcash payment system?

You can register in the ADVcash payment system on the organizations official website. By clicking the "Create an account" button, the user opens a form, the fields of which must be filled in. The prospective client needs to provide the following information:

login and password (they are needed to log into your account and perform banking operations);
E-mail address;
phone number;
surname, name, patronymic (real);
residential address (plastic card is sent by mail).
After the client has registered, his data is verified (checking the account for the authenticity and correctness of the clients data). To go through this procedure, you need to send an application and copies of some documents (civil passport (first pages), a receipt for payment of utility bills (the address of residence indicated on it must be readable)). The verification procedure takes no more than three hours.

How to open a bank card ADVcash?

To open a bank card, the client needs to click the "Create card" button.

The company offers two types of documents:

You need to pay $ 1 for a virtual card, and a plastic one will cost $ 7.

Having made his choice, the user presses the button "Order a plastic card". Next, in the drop-down list, you need to select the delivery method. It is better to use regular mail services (the cheapest way of sending).

When the card finds its owner, it must be activated. You need to do this through your account by entering the card number in a special column. By calling one of the telephone numbers listed on the companys website, the client gets access to the card in the form of a PIN code.

Plastic documents ADVcash are available not only to citizens of the Russian Federation, but also to residents of neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.

Advanced Cash security system

ADVcash clients can independently configure the security system of their account, protecting it with an "impregnable rock" from scammers and intruders.

You can protect your profile using SMS authorization, payment code (password), code card, a special USB-Token device that generates passwords, or by linking your personal account to an IP address. For the security system to work smoothly, experts recommend using at least three methods.

ADVcash and affiliate programs

ADVcash payment service provides its clients with the opportunity to earn. This can be done by attracting other users who will register by clicking on affiliate links. The clients account is credited with 20% of the commission, which is charged as a result of payment transactions carried out by his referrals.

About tariffs

ADVcash does not offer users a very wide variety of tariff plans. There are only two of them:

You dont need to pay money to open both. Financial transactions that are carried out within the system will also be free (but only for registered users).

The difference between the "Business" tariff plan is that bank accounts are replenished through the SWIFT system, and no commission is charged. Using this tariff, customers have the right to accept online payments on various sites, as well as to make payments to several people at the same time (for example, partners or customers) in an automatic way.

Banking fees

Especially advantageous are the tariffs that the Advanced Cash payment system offers to its customers when carrying out transactions with cards. To open a card account, you need to pay a small fee: for a plastic one - $ 7, for a virtual one - $ 1. The service is completely free.

If you need to top up your account (both with a plastic MasterCard and with a virtual card), the user will pay a flat fee, which is only $ 0.99. When withdrawing cash in foreign currency through ATMs, customers pay a commission of $ 1.99. The fee for withdrawing money to the card is not less than $ 1.

There are times when it becomes necessary to re-issue a plastic card (for example, in case of loss). Then you have to pay $ 10. The operation of closing a card account will cost the user $ 15.

Benefits can also be derived from such banking operations as depositing or withdrawing funds, exchanging electronic currencies, transferring money to an account in any bank or to cards of such payment systems as Visa or MasterCard.

To make an instant international money transfer, you need to pay a commission fee: 1% of the transfer amount + $ 6.99. For those who opened a business account, the commission will be significantly lower (0.5% of the transfer amount + $ 6.99).

The fees for replenishment of accounts using cryptocurrencies differ (depending on the type of electronic money). It ranges from 50 cents to 5% of the total. When transferring money from the Advanced Cash system, for example, to Yandex Money, no fee is charged (the transfer is carried out instantly).

Main features of the Advanced Cash payment system

The Advanced Cash company is registered in Belize (this is one of the states of Central America). Therefore, the service cannot be controlled by either Russian tax inspectorates or similar bodies from other countries of the former CIS. Despite this, there is no need to doubt the honesty of the payment system: it is legal and transparent. The company operates on a legal basis: all documents are legally executed correctly, and nothing threatens the safety of user accounts.
If we compare the rates and fees of ADVcash with those offered by other systems of this kind, then we can confidently say that this is one of the most profitable services.
Security is organized at a professional level (PCI DSS Level 3).
All transactions are carried out instantly.
Advanced Cas is licensed to conduct the most popular types of payments online (International Financial Services license).
Electronic wallets of this payment system are multicurrency. Clients can store (deposit and withdraw) 4 types of fiat currencies (US dollars, Russian rubles, pounds sterling and euros).
The account is equipped with a comfortable interface, which even a child can understand.
Advanced Cash users can get a dollar-denominated plastic card and withdraw cash from ATMs in American currency.
POS payments with a virtual card, which is also in dollars, are made without a commission.
The companys clients can get an online consultation on the use of the system.

Advanced Cash Partners

Advanced Cash payment system partners are companies that develop new technologies in the field of security and processing of financial transactions.

Protectimus protects accounts and bank accounts from hacking. This company is the guarantor of the safety of users funds.
Thanks to the Interkassa service, the system of payment for goods and services on the Internet is simplified.
IDchecker provides verification of official documents and identification of clients.
Bitpay helps process Bitcoin payments.
Advanced Cash cooperates with such exchange offices as Changer.com, 24PAYBANK, Internetmoney, Exchange.cc, Changex.

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