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1. General Provisions 

1.1. This Agreement defines the procedure for the provision of electronic money exchange services by the Online Service. 

1.2. An online service means an online resource for exchanging electronic money located on the Internet - 24paybank. 

1.3. A user is a private person or legal entity that has expressed a desire to use the services of the 24paybank Online Service. 

1.4. The User and the 24paybank Online Resource , when jointly referred to, are referred to as the Parties.  

1.5. The Parties agree that this Agreement, which is in electronic form, has equal legal force with a written document and will regulate business relations between the Users (private person or legal entity) and the party offering services of a certain kind (24paybank). 

1.6. The Agreement is a public offer that the User accepts by submitting an application through the web resource of the 24paybank Online Service for the provision of services provided by the 24paybank Online Service. 

2. Subject of the Agreement 

2.1. 24paybank online resource provides the services specified in clause 4 of this Agreement, provided that the User carefully follows the standards established in clause 9 of this Agreement. The procedure for their provision is determined by the internal Regulation of the 24paybank Online Resource established by paragraph 5 of this Agreement. 

2.2. The user accepts the services of the 24paybank Online resource and pays for them in compliance with the conditions established by the Agreement. 

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties 

3.1. 24paybank online service is required to: 

3.1.1. Convert digital currencies of online payment systems Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money and others in compliance with the standards stipulated in this Agreement;  

3.1.2. Provide technical and informational support to Users in the process of making money transfers using the 24paybank Online Service; 

3.1.3. To ensure the safety of detailed information on exchange transactions (personal data of Users, the time of the exchange operation, its amount and other information) and provide it to the users who initiated these transactions. Information about money transfers in different directions with payment systems, have the status “Confidential” and are not disclosed; 

3.1.4. Do not transmit information about transactions to unauthorized persons. The following cases are an exception: 

  • if the judicial authority located at the location of the 24paybank Online Service has decided the relevant decision, which has entered into force;
  •  if a request is received from official law enforcement agencies and financial monitoring institutions operating in the location of the 24paybank Online Service;
  •  When contacting the management of partners (online payment systems) that are listed above.

3.1.5. Take into account information about discounts provided to Users; 

3.1.6. Ensure that funds are credited to the account of the User or a third party within 24 hours after receiving the complaint in the cases provided for in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6 of this Agreement. 

3.2. The user must: 

3.2.1. Provide accurate data and details for the timely implementation of money transfers; 

3.2.2. Provide reliable information about the email address used; 

3.2.3. Provide the ability to receive system alerts to your email. Have access to the Internet using a computer or other electronic computing devices. Use current versions of anti-virus programs to establish a secure connection to the 24paybank online resource. 

3.2.4. Adhere to the terms of this Agreement; 

3.2.5. Notify the administration of the 24paybank Internet resource about all cases when the transferred amounts have not been fully or partially transferred to the account of the User or a third party. And also about the precedents listed in clauses 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 of this Agreement. A notification must be sent to the administration no later than a month after the funds are received. If this condition is not met, the disputed amounts are placed at the disposal of the 24paybank Online Service; 

3.2.6. Comply with legislation governing online money transfers. 3.2.7. Do not use various traffic cheat systems. 

3.3. 24paybank online service has the right to: 

3.3.1. Temporarily suspend activities in order to modernize the service or to fix problems; 

3.3.2. When contacting the competent authorities, the administration of the above payment systems or the User’s complaint about fraudulent actions, stop the exchange operation until the situation is clarified; 

3.3.3. Set discounts on exchange operations at one’s discretion; 

3.3.4. Determine the amount of the commission payable for the commission of an exchange operation; 

3.3.5. Deny a potential User in their services without explaining the reasons for their actions; 

3.3.6. Receive information from the User confirming the completion of the exchange operation by e-mail, mobile phone, screenshot of the electronic wallet, if the exchange was completed with an error; 

3.3.7. Stop communication with a user who is rude, asks questions off-topic or does not provide the necessary information to the support service; 

3.3.8. Block the execution of an exchange operation on the basis of paragraphs 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. and Regulations; 

3.3.9. If necessary, block the operation and not return the money to the User until his identity is identified. 3.3.10. In case of non-compliance with obligations according to clause 3.2.7, the Administration has the right to block the user who has violated this clause, as well as the source / generator of transitions. 

3.3.11. In case of unjustified enrichment by the client with electronic money of the 24paybank Online Service or of third-party electronic money exchange services, the Administration of the 24paybank.com exchange website has the right to suspend the application until the reasons and all circumstances are clarified, as well as the compensation for unjustifiably acquired funds and property rights to them 24paybank online service or other exchange services.


4. Services provided 4.1. 24paybank online service exchanges electronic money of payment systems Bitcoin , Qiwi , Payeer , Perfect Money , Yandex.Money and others using banking institutions, a list of which is provided on the site; 


4.2. 24paybank online service is not authorized to verify the legality of the User’s possession of funds used in the exchange process. 

5. The regulation of the exchange of electronic money 

5.1. The transaction begins after receiving funds intended for exchange from the User. If the funds, according to the application created by the User , are not received within 20 minutes, then the application is automatically deleted by the security system of the 24paybank.net exchange website. In case of receipt of payment for the application beyond the specified time (90 minutes for cryptocurrency ), the application will be processed at the current rate at the time of receipt of funds from the User.   

5.2. The transaction is considered completed after the transfer of funds to the details specified by the User.  

5.3. The user cannot cancel a transaction that has already begun or refund the money provided for an exchange. 

5.4. If the User receives an amount the amount of which differs from that indicated during the execution of the operation, the 24paybank Online Service may suspend the exchange, and after the User has applied, based on clause 3.2.5, pay the amount actually received at the exchange rate at the beginning of the operation. 

5.5. If the User has designated invalid or blocked details, the exchange operation is terminated. Funds are returned to the User’s account based on his appeal in accordance with clause 3.2.5. At the same time, a commission for carrying out the exchange is deducted from them, as well as a fine in the amount of two percent of the transaction amount. 

5.6. If the User has changed the payment notes or paid the bill from a third-party account, then such an operation may be blocked. In this case, the refund is carried out after the appeal of the User on the basis of clause 3.2.5 minus the commission and one percent of the payment amount. 

5.7. In the event that the client receives the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the timing of the transaction confirmation (crediting funds) depends on the Bitcoin system itself This process can take from 15 minutes to several days, depending on the workload of the Bitcoin network. The exchange service is not responsible for the speed of transactions and confirmations in the Bitcoin network. 

6. Warranties and liability of the Parties 

6.1. The 24paybank online service does not bear material and moral responsibility for the improper use of the service by the User, as well as mistakes made by him in the process of filling out certain points of the standard application form for digital money exchange. Even if the funds were transferred to the wrong account, then the cancellation of the operation or refund is not carried out. 

6.2. 24paybank online service is not liable for damage or loss caused by the inability to use the equipment as a whole or its individual elements. 

6.3. 24paybank online service is not responsible for the actions of banks and payment systems, which resulted in errors or delayed payment. 

6.4. The 24paybank online service is not responsible for the costs, losses or lost profits incurred by the User, which were caused by erroneous representations of the User regarding tariffs, profitability of operations and other subjective issues. 

6.5. 24paybank online service is not responsible for any costs incurred due to errors or delays in making electronic transfers or payments; 

6.6. The user confirms that he is the rightful owner or has legal grounds for using funds that are involved in exchange operations. 

6.7. The User agrees to indemnify third parties, the occurrence of which is indirectly or directly related to the use of the service by the User. 

7. Change of information 

7.1. The administration of the 24paybank Online Service may amend or amend this Agreement at any time. At the same time, all changes begin to be applied after they are published on the web resource. 

8. Force Majeure 

8.1. The parties are exempt from liability for failure to fulfill or delay in the performance of their obligations under this Agreement if force majeure circumstances arise. These include: natural disasters, acts of government, war, fire, explosion, terrorist attack, flood, riot, hacker attacks, mass civil unrest. They also include the absence or failure of work in the power supply, access to the Internet, communication services or other systems and networks. 

9. Mandatory conditions for conducting exchange transactions 

9.1. It is forbidden to use the 24paybank Online Service for illegal or fraudulent transactions. The user agrees that for any attempt to exchange funds of dubious origin, he will be punished in accordance with the law of the country in whose territory the exchange operation was performed. 

9.2. 24paybank online service has the right to transmit information about illegal payments, if their illegality is properly proved, to the competent authorities, the administration of the relevant payment system and victims of their demand. 

9.3. The condition for the exchange is the withdrawal by the User of digital signs from his electronic wallet. At the same time, the User is personally responsible for the legality of the sources of receipt of funds, since the 24paybank online service is not authorized to verify their origin. 

9.4. 24paybank online service is not responsible for transactions performed by third parties on behalf of the User. 

9.5. The user by clicking the button "I agree with the rules of exchange" confirms that he unconditionally accepts all the conditions of this Agreement.