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Bitcoin is growing again: in a few hours, the coin has risen in price by 30%


During the night of October 25 and the morning of October 26, the price of BTC went up again: for a short while, the cryptocurrency broke the level of 10,000 USD per coin.

After the famous rally in 2017, the rise of Bitcoin to $ 10,000 does not seem to be really significant. However, it was one of the most rapid leaps in the history of cryptocurrency.

Users note that in terms of its pace, BTCs breakthrough became the 4th of all sharp changes in the rate of the first cryptocurrency. A similar leap in the chart could be observed only until 2011, when only advanced fans of IT technologies knew about digital currency.

According to most investors, the sharp increase in the value of Bitcoin is associated with the latest statements by the head of the Peoples Republic of China Xi Jinping. In his address dated October 25, 2019, he spoke about the importance of blockchain technologies and called for supporting the development of this direction throughout the country.

Such a statement immediately increased the interest of Chinese people in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain sphere, and Bitcoin is the first and dominant digital currency. Also, sales growth was observed on services for institutional investors.

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