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Implementation by ATARI of the electronic system Litecoin into the ecological platform of computer games...


Legendary American video game company Atari, in alliance with the Litecoin Foundation, entered into an agreement that aims to create a link between the entertainment system and the crypto currency Litecoin, which ranks seventh in terms of capitalization.
Holders of LTC cryptocurrency (Litecoin) will be able to buy Atari tokens, with the help of which it will be possible to regulate and track the digital balance of some assets in the ecological system of games, as well as to conduct calculations and Atari games in casinos. Next, Atari plans to use Litecoin cryptocurrency directly.
Atari plans to release the VCS game console shortly, which can be purchased by the Litecoin merger at a bargain price.
Charlie Lee, the creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, admits that it was Ataris computer games, which he was fond of as a child, that influenced his choice of the profession of a software engineer.
Even earlier, Atari developed several computer games using blockchain technology.

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