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Tether launched its own USDT coin on Polygon, which led to an increase in its percentage in the market

Polygon is the eleventh blockchain, when using which access to USDT becomes open after other varieties of cryptocurrencies.

The Tether organization claims that the activation of USDT with the Polygon blockchain will help the ecosystem. Currently, more than 19 thousand decentralized instruments are operating on the site. According to the leaders of Tether, their participants can use USDT for transactions to and from the system. It is also necessary for profit.

At the moment when USDT is in various blockchain systems, its use with Ethereum and Tron is considered to be the largest. One of the key factors in the growth of USDT demand in Tron is the presence of the blockchain, which reduces the cost and increases the speed compared to Ethereum. Players use a large volume of USDT on Tron to transfer funds between sites. If players prefer the items that are placed in the Ethereum crypto system, they have the opportunity to quickly move to the Polygon.

Tether has announced that it has plans to activate USDT on a large number of blockchains. Prior to this, the company released a variant of the stablecoin MXNT, which has a connection with the Mexican peso to introduce the market in Latin America.

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