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Muir Glacier hard fork was launched in the Ethereum blockchain in order to transfer the complexity bomb


On block # 9200000 in the Ethereum blockchain on January 2, 2020, the companys development team launched a new update called Muir Glacier. Thanks to this, the activation of the so-called "complexity bomb" was delayed by almost four million blocks. On the morning of January 3, almost all clients of this company were able to synchronize with this update. This technology was proposed by the developer Eric Conner back in November of the previous year. The main purpose of this update is to suspend the "difficulty bomb" for almost 611 days, which is a pretty good indicator. Thanks to this, the increase in the cost of transactions is canceled, so it is even more profitable to buy Ethereum on exchanges.

It is likely, as many experts confirm, that at the end of this period the presented problem may no longer be relevant due to the transition to PoS. The developers made the decision to launch a new update on the network at the beginning of winter, and even before the New Year, full deployment was planned. In the event that the team refused to implement new updates, the cost of transactions on the Ethereum network would increase significantly. Due to the daily mining of less blocks, the price of Ethereum in the field of transactions increases.

The developer of the update claims that when a new block is mined every thirteen seconds, it is possible to create almost six and a half thousand blocks daily. If the interval reaches 20 seconds, it will be possible to mine four thousand blocks daily. If the network is fully utilized, competition will increase. As a result, Ethereum can be bought with a higher commission, which will also grow for users to conduct transactions. The developers could not allow this, so a large-scale work was launched to implement the update, which allows to avoid such negative consequences.

On December 8, the Istanbul hard fork was successfully activated. This system update is not the first for this network in the previous year. There were already three of them. It is planned by the development team that the next part of this hard fork on the network will be the last before the transition to Ethereum 2.0. However, this is only if additional unexpected obstacles do not arise in the way of developers. However, from a perspective, Ethereum will be very successful in the future through innovation.

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