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The Ministry of Finance amended the law on cryptocurrency

The Ministry of Finance conducted a full-fledged preparation of new amendments for a bill related to cryptocurrencies. This data was provided by Vesti magazine with an interview with one of the officials and other participants who were intimately familiar with all the features.

In the final version of the law, the regulator proposes:

    provide legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with permission to make payments with cryptocurrencies with foreign partners;
    to ban the promotion of platforms for exchange transactions if they have not issued a special license;
    ensure exclusion from search engine results for the main types of requests for addresses to sites that have not issued a license;
    sites with a license are required to cooperate in every possible way with law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, a proposal was made to store data about cryptocurrency users and all processes with them that took place over 3 years. Also, among the changes to the project, a requirement was made that miners enter a special classification. Detailed coverage of the rules for transferring data to the tax office to ensure control and supervision has been completely eliminated. In other parts, the text of the draft does not differ from the original version.

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