JPMorgan Tests Blockchain for Settlement of Loans


One of the largest investment banks JPMorgan Chase & Co implemented a trial run of a startup that uses the blockchain system. It is necessary for the implementation of the procedure for calculating debt transactions. According to Bloomberg, test translations have been implemented. The first tranche passed on May 20. As a test, the creators organized the transfer of shares of a tokenized type of BlackRock fund for security. After the project is put into commercial use, the system will enable investors to apply a more extended list of funds for lending.

Tether launched its own USDT coin on Polygon, which led to an increase in its percentage in the market


Polygon is the eleventh blockchain, when using which access to USDT becomes open after other varieties of cryptocurrencies. The Tether organization claims that the activation of USDT with the Polygon blockchain will help the ecosystem. Currently, more than 19 thousand decentralized instruments are operating on the site. According to the leaders of Tether, their participants can use USDT for transactions to and from the system. It is also necessary for profit.

The Ministry of Finance amended the law on cryptocurrency


The Ministry of Finance conducted a full-fledged preparation of new amendments for a bill related to cryptocurrencies. This data was provided by the Vesti magazine with an interview with one of the officials and other participants who were intimately familiar with all the features.

The oldest bank in China will allow the exchange of currency into the digital yuan.


Beijing is to host the 2022 Olympics. The launch of new terminals is timed to this event, which can be used not only by local residents and citizens of China, but also by tourists.

Opinion poll from Mastercard on the introduction of cryptocurrency


The largest payment company on the market, Mastercard, conducted a survey, in which more than 15 thousand people from 18 countries of the world took part. When asked about the use of cryptocurrency, almost half of the respondents answered that they were going to invest in it.

Ripple: SEC misuses US authority to gain advantage in court


The lawsuit continues, which began with a claim by the US Securities and Exchange Commission against Ripple. To date, the leaders of the exchange have filed a petition to close the case against them, but the decision has not yet been made - until the decisive moment is about 30 more days. The question now is whether the SEC has the authority of the United States of America to pressure other governments, as Ripple claims, or not. The first court session after the submission of additional papers will take place on May 6. Among other things, it will consider the issue of the possibility of closing the case. XRP users watch with dismay how the process is progressing and what can be expected as a result.

ETH will rise to $ 10,000 in 2021, according to Fundstrat


Researchers from the analytical company Fundstrat have calculated that very soon the price of Ethereum could jump to $ 10 thousand. This conclusion was made on the basis of overcoming the historical maximum of 2.8 thousand dollars. Already at the beginning of this year, Ethereum was worth 2 thousand dollars, but it did not stop moving upwards, and today it has set its new record. In view of the sharp rise in cryptocurrency over the past month, analysts suggested that a stronger rise in the rate is likely. Moreover, while Ethereum was increasing in price, Bitcoin, on the contrary, became cheaper and dropped about 5 percent of its value over the same period of time.

In Washington, lawyers are allowed to use bitcoins in their practice


According to the press service of Bloomberg Law, the District of Columbia Bar Association has allowed lawyers practicing in Washington to accept cryptocurrency, including bitcoins, as payment for their services.